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 Thursday, March 08 2012 @ 07:53 AM UTC

Nano-thermite in Danish Mainstream-news, Videoversions

BegivenhederExtra technical tidbits for the video.

Video-files can be found at /harrit/tv2news_april_2009/pub/


Direct filelink harrit_tv2news_2009april6.mp4
Extra heavy-duty mp4: harrit_tv2news_2009april6_heavy.mp4
Extra super heavy-duty cropped mp4: harrit_tv2news_2009april6_crop_heavy.mp4


Direct filelink: harrit_tv2news_2009april6.flv

For translation:

Complete subtitle Package also with srt-timecodes:
If you want to make - say - a german translation, you could possibly (almost) just translate the srt-file.

Videofiles without text:
With the semitransparent black backdrop in the subtitlearea: harrit_tv2news_2009april6_notext_blackbottom.mp4
Without the black backdrop: harrit_tv2news_2009april6_notext.mp4

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