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Weapons expert working with David Kelly suicided after going for a walk ...just like his friend
A weapons expert who worked with Dr David Kelly at the Government’s secret chemical warfare laboratory has been found dead in an apparent suicide. In circumstances strongly reminiscent of Dr Kelly’s own mysterious death nine years ago, the body of Dr Richard Holmes was discovered in a field four miles from the Porton Down defence establishment in Wiltshire. It is not yet known how he died.

Mr Holmes, 48, had gone missing two days earlier after telling his wife he was going out for a walk – just as Dr Kelly did before he was found dead at an Oxfordshire beauty spot in July 2003.

  • Japanese Seaweed Radiation Doubles
  • FBI: Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July
  • Magnetic polar shift on the sun underway
  • Ron Paul: Corporations will ‘act as government spies’ under CISPA
  • NASA sends rubber chicken into radiation storm in stratosphere
  • What is Senescence?
  • How many ants exist on earth?
  • "Prominent climate change deniers identified in Canada" (Sounds like a witch hunt!)
  • Albino Killer Whale Spotted Off Russia’s Eastern Coast
  • Virginia Woman Wins $1 Million Lottery Twice in the Same Day
  • 400-year-old diamond heads to auction
  • Swedish minister causes stir over cutting a cake depicting a naked black woman
  • Dutch govt close to collapse as cuts talks fail
  • Official: Dolphin deaths in Peru still a mystery
  • Billionaires Say They Will Save Humanity by Mining Asteroids (Now We're Saved!)
  • Why the 11 April Sumatran earthquake has scientists puzzled
  • Creepy People In High Places
  • Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist
  • Sun May Soon Have Four Poles, Say Researchers
  • Coca-Cola habit linked to New Zealander’s death
  • Legend of Grimrock Proves That it’s a Great Time to Be a Gamer
  • Evolution seen in "synthetic DNA"
  • Jewish People Caught Framing Gentiles for "Anti-Semitic" Hate
  • Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm
  • DARPA’s New Robot Conquers Stairs
  • “Robotic cat” illness mystifies vets
  • Rare Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ Scrolls Found In Australian Collection
    2012 04 23
    A British historian said Saturday he had unearthed a trove of Egyptian Book of the Dead fragments by a top ancient official after chancing upon a scrap on show in an Australian museum. John Taylor, a world-famous Egyptologist from the British Museum, said his discovery began with a shred of papyrus on display at Queensland Museum’s new mummies exhibition bearing the ...
    Super Secret DARPA Hypersonic Aircraft Flew Out of Its Skin
    2012 04 23
    DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, has made public its best guess about what might have caused its unmanned arrowhead-shaped Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2) to suddenly lose contact and crash in the Pacific just a few minutes after slicing through the sky at Mach 20: it was going so fast its skin peeled off.
    Iran oil sector hit by cyber attack
    2012 04 23
    A voracious virus attack has hit computers running key parts of Iran’s oil sector, forcing authorities to unplug its main oil export terminal from the Internet and to set up a cyber crisis team, according to reports on Monday. The Mehr news agency reported that Iran’s principal oil terminal on Kharg island in the Gulf has been disconnected from the Internet ...
    Huge, Mysteriously Silent Satellite Spotted by Another Spacecraft
    2012 04 23
    A massive European satellite the size of a school bus that has mysteriously stopped communicating with Earth has been spotted by another satellite in orbit. The giant Envisat satellite, which is the world’s largest imaging satellite for civilian use, was photographed in stunning detail by a French spacecraft. ESA satellite operators lost contact with the 10-year-old Envisat on April 8 and ...
    New Big Brother Satellite to “Hunt Down” Carbon Criminals - Creepy Video Shows The Future ’Plan’
    2012 04 23
    The European Space Agency is set to green light a new surveillance satellite that will measure man-made carbon emissions from space in order to “hunt down” violators of international climate agreements, allowing Big Brother to enforce a future tax on CO2 emissions. Labeled CarbonSat, the satellite system will have the ability to differentiate between natural carbon emissions and man-made CO2 releases. ...
    Mind Reading Technology - No More Thought Privacy
    2012 04 23
    In the times of social networking, the Internet, and personal information everywhere being made public, there is no question that we are experiencing a loss of privacy left and right. One might say that the last bastion of privacy – our own thoughts – is all we have to hold onto. But a segment on 60 Minutes last year ...
    Fukushima is Falling Apart: Are You Ready?
    2012 04 23
    Thirteen months have passed since the Fukushima reactors exploded, and a U.S. Senator finally got off his ass and went to Japan to see what is going on over there. What he saw was horrific. And now he is saying that we are in big trouble. See the letter he sent to U.S. Ambassador to Japan Ichiro Fujisaki, Secretary of ...
    The New & Improved HAARP?
    2012 04 23
    Those of us familiar with "dark technology" like HAARP are used to seeing football size antennae farms with hundreds of towers and aluminum dipoles. But that’s an era of the past. At first we thought this site was a runway. Perhaps it was designed to look that way, but some professional pilots who reviewed these photos noticed several oddities that ...
    Are humans really beings of light?
    2012 04 23
    Dr. Garjajev claims that this communication is not something that happens only inside the individual cells or between one cell and another. He claims organisms use this "light" to "talk" to other organisms and suggested that this could explain telepathy and ESP. It was like human beings already had their own wireless internet based on our DNA. Wow!
    SOPA mutates into much worse CISPA, the latest threat to internet free speech
    2012 04 22
    Just because SOPA and PIPA, the infamous internet "kill switch" bills, are largely dead does not mean the threat to internet free speech has become any less serious. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), also known as H.R. 3523, is the latest mutation of these internet censorship and spying bills to hit the U.S. Congress -- and unless ...
    Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
    2012 04 22
    Author and talk-show celebrity Irit Linur explained how pleased she was to see the Israeli officer slam the butt of his rifle into the face of the (unarmed, nonviolent) Danish peace activist. She said his golden hair made him look like a member of the Hitlerjugend, and said about him and other activists: "they were born anti-Semites and will die ...
    US gives Israel 680 million dollars for Iron Dome
    2012 04 22
    The US plans to provide Israel with an extra USD 680 million to strengthen Tel Aviv’s Iron Dome missile system, congressional staff members say. Under a plan crafted by the House of Representatives’ Republicans, Washington is set to spend the money on the missile system from the current fiscal year through 2015, Reuters reported. The money seeks to strengthen ...
    Anders Behring Breivik describes Utøya massacre to Oslo court
    2012 04 21
    What he was about to describe, he cautioned, would be "horrendous". But no warning could truly prepare Oslo criminal court for the experience of listening to Anders Behring Breivik detail in a calm, blank way how he gunned down terrified teenagers in the second of two attacks he carried out on 22 July last year. The 33-year-old spent two hours ...
    The Scale of the Universe
    2012 04 21
    Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between. This is an amazing interactive map that gives you an idea about the scale of everything.
    Queen Beatrix’s Brother-In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For The “Unfit”
    2012 04 20
    In an episode of the television program Zembla that aired last week on Dutch national television, Pieter van Vollenhoven- queen Beatrix’s brother-in-law- called for forced birth control for people with drug addiction, psychiatric patients and other people deemed unfit to reproduce. As head of the Dutch Safety Board, Van Vollenhoven investigated several cases in which children were abused at a ...
    France: Where Freemasons Are Still Feared
    2012 04 20
    Ed Comment: This is damage control and spin from Joshua Levine at businessweek who tries to downplay the importance of freemasonry. When the French keeps tabs on their "brethren" it’s downplayed as paranoid behavior. ALL countries should follow the example of the French in this case. When are people going to wake up and understand that Freemasonry is not harmless ...
    France Will Soon Host Thermonuclear Star-Making Technology
    2012 04 20
    An artificially excavated limestone pit in the south of France will soon host star-making technology, New Scientist reports. “If all goes well,” the magazine explains, in a few year’s time the pit will “rage with humanity’s first self-sustaining fusion reaction, an artificial sun ten times hotter than the one that gives our planet life.” Reaching that point, however, requires an ...
    Anger and resignation as Breivik spouts his views
    2012 04 20
    He gives a Nazi-style salute when he arrives in the courtroom each morning. He tells the court he rejects its authority because its mandate comes from political parties that support multiculturalism. And he admits that because he hates Muslims he killed 77 people and wishes it were more. But Anders Behring Breivik is treated with grave civility in Oslo’s District ...
    Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik wanted to wipe out the whole government in bombing
    2012 04 20
    The gunman behind Norway’s massacres told a court he had meant to kill the entire government and said he used meditation, video shooting games and steroids to prepare for the slaughter. Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people last July, also said he had planned a far greater bloodbath with three, not one, car bombs and a death toll of ...
    "The Internet" is to Blame for Norway’s Anders Breivik (Here we go!)
    2012 04 20
    Breivik’s bizarre comment captures the baffling nature of a case that has so far lurched from the grotesque public confessional of a mass murderer to the equally tasteless spectacle of a hatemonger whose racist delusions seem to have been fed, in part at least, by the Internet. Indeed, virtual networks like Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and the World of Warcraft seem ...
    Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters
    2012 04 19
    Do not sucker for costly "Opt-Out" programs. IT’S EXTORTION! Utility companies have blind-sided their customers with digital meters that are harmful, dangerous, invasive and unlawful. Here are some ways for utility customers to protect themselves. More solutions are available at freedomtaker.com From: youtube.com
    James Cameron, Google Founders, Billionaires, Fund Mysterious Space Venture Company
    2012 04 19
    Google: No Longer Just Data Mining MIT’s Technology Review reports that this coming, April 24, a new space venture company will be announced at Charles Simonyi Space Gallery at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. The company, sporting the kind of scary name an evil, faceless corporation in a sci-fi film would have, Planetary Resources, has some pretty famous backing, ...
    Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Why I’m suing the US government to protect internet freedom
    2012 04 19
    "Governments of the industrial world, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather."
    Why Everyone Believes in Magic (Even You)
    2012 04 19
    Even the most die-hard skeptics among us believe in magic. Humans can’t help it: though we try to be logical, irrational beliefs — many of which we aren’t even conscious of — are hardwired in our psyches. But rather than hold us back, believing in magic is good for us.
    Chicken Gives Birth to Live Chick, Not Egg
    2012 04 19
    A Sri Lanka hen has given birth to a chick without an egg, in a new twist on the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. Instead of passing out of the hen’s body and being incubated outside, the egg was incubated in the hen for 21 days and then hatched inside the hen. The chick is fully ...
    Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching
    2012 04 19
    An elusive particle that is its own antiparticle may have been found, and, if confirmed, would be the first time a phenomenon predicted decades ago has been seen in a real system. Some researchers suggest that in the future, this mysterious particle called a Majorana fermion could be useful in carrying bits of information in quantum computers.
    New Brunswick town plagued for weeks by ‘earthquake swarm’ — and no one knows why
    2012 04 19
    People described hearing what sounded like an explosion. Pictures fell off walls. Window panes rattled. Floorboards creaked and groaned. Some houses even shook, while locals, initially, felt a surge of panic that eased, somewhat, by morning with the realization that a bomb had not gone off but a small earthquake had.
    Cops Take School Kids’ DNA in Murder Case Without Parental Consent
    2012 04 19
    The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, which has been spearheading the investigation into the murder of Jessica Funk-Haslam, 13, said parental consent was not required in the DNA collection and interview of minors, several of whom were taken out of class during the day last week at Albert Einstein Middle School.
    ’ACTA a web police project’ - MEP who wants to kill bill
    2012 04 19
    "The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, has been dealt a heavy blow. A vote on it is due this summer, but David Martin, the MEP responsible for monitoring its progress, has already said it should be rejected. Speaking to us earlier, he said while aiming high, its loose wording and shady signing process have outweighed any potential benefits." Video from: ...
    The European Stabilization Mechanism, or How the Goldman Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe
    2012 04 18
    In September 2008, Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, managed to extort a $700 billion bank bailout from Congress. But to pull it off, he had to fall on his knees and threaten the collapse of the entire global financial system and the imposition of martial law; and the bailout was a one-time affair. Paulson’s plea for a permanent ...
    Did NASA find life on Mars in 1976, and then cook it?
    2012 04 17
    Life on Mars found... and we’ve, er, killed it BUNGLING Nasa chiefs are believed to have found tiny Martians — but KILLED them by boiling them alive. Two spacecraft that landed on the Red Planet in 1976 are now thought to have detected live microbes in Martian soil. Scientists at the time failed to spot the signs of life — and ...
    Competition to find Earhart hot after 75 years
    2012 04 17
    Jon Thompson has traveled the world collecting art and artifacts for museum exhibits, seen the remains of the Titanic on the sea floor and participated in two unsuccessful missions to find Amelia Earhart. Theories about what happened to Earhart and Noonan are varied. They disappeared while flying from New Guinea to Howland Island as part of the adventurer’s attempt to ...
    British Member of Parliament puts $16 million bounty on Bush, Blair, (Obama?)
    2012 04 17
    British Lord Nazir Ahmed put a £10 million ($16 million) bounty on both President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush Friday, according to The Express Tribune, an English language Pakistani newspaper. Photo: Source Nazir, who is of Pakistani heritage and a member of the British House of Lords, reportedly made the comments while at a reception in Haripur, a ...
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