Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Review

Nintendo has actually come great on its promise of delivering Super Mario Run for Apple Devices. But, what about Android Devices? When it’s gonna be released. The release date should be the beginning of the 2017-th. But it’s February, and the game is still not released. Is Nintendo with this popularize their game even more? Is this one more marketing trick?

But, there is an option on the Play Store, where you can “REGISTER” for Super Marion Run. So, that way, when the game is released, you will be notified and you can after that can install the game and enjoy the gameplay.

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Can you really install Super Mario Run on Android?

The response is unfortunately the one you don’t wish to hear: in order to set up Super Mario Work on Android. you will have to wait till 2017 when you are able to download it from Google Play. One of the ideas is to install an emulator that can allow iOS apps to be installed on Android device. But that’s not very easy thing to do.

Super Mario Run

Your best choice is to wait till Nintendo formally launches it for Android. I know that waiting is hard, especially when nobody even understands if or when Super Mario Run will be pertaining to Android, but for your safety and the sake of your phone waiting is the best option. If you’re keen to play Nintendo’s iconic character on your iOS smart device or tablet, continue reading to discover how you can play and download Super Mario Run today.